Asha Pabla

A recognized name in the fashion industry, Asha Pabla served as a designer with Liz Claiborne in New York City in the late 1980s. She was tasked with seeking out inspired fashion concepts across the city and working with design groups to bring ideas to production. Asha Pabla’s hands-on involvement in the process included the selection of fabrics and ensuring quality of stitching.

Ms. Pabla maintains involvement in the fashion world and follows events such as London Fashion Week. A current trend she is following involves the return of bold floral prints. She also follows the edgier designs of Valentino Garavani, who in his 2016 collection incorporated the traditional colors and patterning of a number of African tribes.

Asha Pabla has a commitment to supporting designers at the forefront of the fashion world. A particular emphasis is on purchasing pieces from designers who combine original vision with clothing that is eco-friendly, fair trade, and made from vegan fabrics.

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